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Skip the Lines and Have Food Delivered Right to Your Seat 

Sioux City, IA (May 19, 2021) – Once returning to the ballpark there are a few changes that you may notice. One being our new food service option. Instead of having to miss the game to wait in a long line for food, you can download the available app “FanFood” and have your selected food delivered right to your seats or pick up at the window.  

The concession stand will still be open for anyone who wants to physically wait in line for their food. 

This app can be used by all who are in the ballpark. However, only attendees who are located in Luxury suites or Box (red) seats have the choice of delivery.

The app is very easy to use. Go onto the Appstore and look up “FanFood," once downloaded type in your location (Sioux City Explorers), this will bring you to our concession stand option.  

There will be a choice between delivery and pick up. Both options give you the opportunity to bypass the wait and get your food almost immediately.  

Browse the given menu items, add your selections to the cart by clicking on the desired item. There are options to specialize your choice and one can even leave special instructions that the staff will be able to follow.  

Once all food items are selected, go to checkout where the app will ask for your cellphone number and send a six-digit code to verify. Followed by a simple checkout procedure which includes: first and last name and an email address where your receipt will be sent to. You can pay directly on the app using card or Applepay.  

You can get notifications and track your food, so you always know where your food is or if it is ready for pickup. This app is quick, easy and gives you the faster option of getting your food without missing the most important plays of the game.  

Enhance your ballpark experience by getting the “FanFood” app today as you cheer on your Sioux City Explorers.