Every season families around the Siouxland community generously open up their homes to our players who come from all over the country and the world as part of the Sioux City Explorers host family program.

These families have helped many young men adjust to life as a professional baseball player by providing them with a welcoming home for the summer as they continue to live out their dream of making it to the major leagues. In some instances a player becomes a valued and adored member of the family, even after their active playing days in Sioux City.

Many of the players who need a host family are young and are on one of their first stops in professional baseball while playing for a low salary. Host families are not financially compensated but will be given season tickets to come watch their player(s) perform and develop during their time in Sioux City. 

Without the help of our incredible host families the Sioux City Explorers would not be the franchise that we are today. 

If you are interested in hosting an Explorer this summer, please see the details below. 


  • Must be committed to the entire season (May 1st – September 20th)
  • Provide free room and board in a safe and clean environment.
  • Players will need to have their own room and have access to a bathroom, laundry, and refrigerator. If hosting more than one player, two can share a room as long as they have their own beds. 
  • Players are required to provide food for themselves, but a home cooked meal every now and then is always appreciated. 
  • Assistance with transportation may be helpful for some players but this is not required. 
  • The host family should have their own set of rules that a player will be required to follow. Any issues should be first discussed between the host family and the player(s) but if unresolved can be immediately reported to the Sioux City Explorers to be handled. 
  • An understading that players often arrive home late at night after games or at odd hours after a road trip. 
  • A host family may put in a request for the type of player they wish to receive (pitcher, position player, english or foreign/spanish speaking, older, out of college etc.) and it will be seriously taken into consideration. 
  • Players are expected to have their own communication methods and are not permitted to use the family’s home phone. 
  • Use of home electronics are at the discretion of the host family and should not be abused by the player. 
  • Host Families may pick out the seats for their season tickets.


If you are interested in becoming an integral part of the Sioux City Explorers please contact our Director of Baseball and Stadium Operations, Boyd Pitkin.

PHONE: (712) 277-9467

EMAIL: [email protected]